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The villains are a big part of what makes Aqua Teen Hunger Force so funny and psychotically unique, even among Adult Swim cartoons. From Dr. Weird to the Mooninites, these "bad guys" are so bizarre, they make more traditional animated villains look as boring as wheat bread. You can't really call what happens between the heroes and these guys "battle," because Aqua Teen Hunger Force adventures almost always come down to a lot of annoyance and retaliatory explosions, followed by a complete lack of resolution. So, without further ado, here are the best of the best ATHF villains. Vote up the weirdest, most inexplicable characters ever to squabble with the heroes of Aqua Something You Know Whatever.
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever [Opening]

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Urban Dictionary: Meatwad

While both are already cult heroes for their contributions to animated comedy, one, oddly enough, still has to work a day job to survive--a fact that takes many of his fans by complete surprise. Without divulging financial particulars, Snyder's portrait of his life on a cartoon salary is likely within the bounds of what most would imagine for the voice of a famed talking cup and more. His everyday a. To hear Snyder discuss himself and his life directly, the jovial year-old family man comes across as extremely grateful to have made a solid living working in the world of cartoons. Right now my wife doesn't work, but she's going to get her doctorate, and probably if it was 10 years ago we would not be able to do that. And we have a three-year-old daughter and two dogs.
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His low intelligence, naivety, trusting nature, and sexual frustration often cause him to be abused and manipulated by others, most notably Master Shake and the Mooninites. He is a gullible and extremely unintelligent character whose child-like innocence is often the target of numerous forms of ridicule and bullying by Master Shake and even The Mooninites. Though Frylock tries to protect him from their abuse and corruption, Meatwad is often too oblivious to realize that he is, in reality, being used by them for their various schemes; in fact, there have been times in the series where he would often side against Frylock in an effort to fit in with his supposed friends. However, there have been times at which he has outwitted Shake by taking advantage of Shake's greed and narcissism. Despite his child-like persona, Meatwad does seem to possess limited knowledge of adult culture.

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