Who said you couldn’t work from home? This question covers something within your mind immediately when you saw it.
Firstly, the thought of being self-employed; secondly, the idea of dropping your current job or having a side hustle while still keeping your primary job.
To some, it directly painted the word “entrepreneur.” Whatever that statement suggests is not the pivot for redirection since humans have a massive heart and variation in thinking. One thing is sure; you have the idea of where I am diving to.
It is rear to find an elderly man that is wholly based on the internet as his source of livelihood. But when you finally find one and you start a good discussion with him; below is how he is going to reply because this was exactly how my grandpa’s friend (Papa Joseph Mill) replied when we talked about the internet and being self-employed:
“In 1942 when I was with my grandpa, internet technology was just coming and will soon surface, no one knew about working from the comfort of their house but the daily stress of 8 am in the office almost took the juicy part of my life. Now I am a grandpa also and I am working from the comfort of my house, I started in my early 30’s and here am I till today still enjoying what I am doing.” – This was the introduction he gave
He further said, “To work from home isn’t an excuse for lasciviousness or laziness, instead, it’s a call to buckle up and do something more significant. If the problem of laziness can be removed for any folk that is upset with working from the comfort of home then the future looks so promising. Since working from home is mostly an end-result of the love for freedom and probably to earn more cash. I started my journey with a multi-level marketing business he continued. Then I told myself if my credit card payment can be solved and the down payment for an apartment in the new estate can be made then my high problem is getting softer.”
Below are highlighted points to know if indeed you can work from home or not. These points were coined out from Papa Joseph Mill’s chat with me.
• Are you ready to push laziness away and work more few hours that usual?
• Do you think you can be your own boss and still obey your own instructions? Example: Your boss required a company to be typed, printed and submitted before 9 am whereas you are to get to the office by 8 am. You were faithful to this as you got it done even before the time. The question now comes, will you do the same for yourself? You give yourself an instruction and still follow it, will you schedule your day and keep to the plan?
• Are you ready for the emotional feeling of probably not making up your former salary in the first few weeks or months?
• Are you prepared to think deeper, better and work more hours?
• Lastly, you must be ready to change your orientation about certain things, don’t be to rigid on points and also find out all truth before making changes.
The above-listed points are the basics and essential things to know. I willingly didn’t talk about the type of business to venture into, the gadgets to get, the approach to market or how to increase your thinking productivity. Of a truth, there are many more things to think about, but till we meet soon, then I will speak more.