Have you ever considered getting a business started from your basement?


It’s an odd prospect, but doable. There is a particular difficulty in doing it, and it sure isn’t conventional anymore. After all, when one thinks “home business” these days, it’s something internet-based. Maybe selling trinkets and home-made products online, or something service-based.


The basement is not typically seen as a viable “office space” anymore. However, there’s nothing that tells you that a business can’t operate out of a basement. As long as it’s ventilated, gets enough light, and has all the necessary legal paperwork, why not?


Of course, a basement business requires more than just an idea. It takes more than just knowing you can provide the best gutter cleaning in Perth. You’re looking at a few considerations. Fortunately, to help keep you from getting too lost, here’s a quick look at the important ones.


Check any zoning restrictions.


If you have a house, then you’re in a residential area. It’s the safe assumption. The basement will be part of that zone. That means there might be legal restrictions on just how much “business” you can do while in that area.


Check with all the local authorities, from homeowner’s associations to city hall, to learn your limits. Some might be relaxed and allow you to work unimpeded. Others might be more restricting.


You will need to set your business up legally.


That means getting a license, registering with the local government, and getting all sorts of paperwork done. You’ll need to know if you’re a sole proprietorship, partnership, or something else. You’ll want to have insurance, for worker’s compensation.


Consider the nature of your business and clients.


If your enterprise is one that needs to deal with clients regularly on-site, then a basement probably isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, if you’re on the go or you’re doing most of the work online, then you don’t have that big of a problem.


If you expect clients to come to your place of business, a basement doesn’t make a good impression. You will want to rent space for that.


Consult the neighbourhood. Just what will the people tolerate?


If you need a lot of loud machinery running at all hours, or if strange people will be coming and going, it might be better to start your business elsewhere. Otherwise, you’ll need to deal with complaints.


At the same time, the location might make it difficult to find. The more “out of the way” your area is, the harder it is for a client or supplier to find you.