Little wonder how much of a blessing the advent of Phones and Computers are to us in this age and time. Computers and Phones were invented in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively, before then, home based businesses struggled to soar because of course, most of the home based businesses we do today is basically done with the aid of these two gadgets.

Home based businesses organizations having a physical structure were difficult to carry out, not to mention home based business done and managed from home. Home based businesses done and managed from home are home based businesses that do not require and/or need a physical structure before they can run properly. They are “non-white-collar-jobs”.

Without technologies like such as we have, computer and phones, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to work in market places such as fiverr, freelancer, pay-per-hour, etc.

Using a cell phone in home based business permits for increased flexibility while working, which alone has a lot of advantages. The more flexible you are, the more the chances you have to show clients your home based business is the one to go with. For example, when you’re away from the office, clients can still communicate with you.

Scheduling meetings becomes easier because you’re not tied to a desk. You can even conduct a teleconference via cell phone while you’re on the go or traveling. Cell phones and computers increase your ability to multitask.

Many cell phones/ computer today have the ability of performing many tasks that human hands can’t. You can access the Internet, write emails and send documents from wherever you might find yourself faster than ever before. This, in turn, allows you to be on top of time-sensitive issues. For example, if a client needs a proposal as soon as possible and you have already left the office for the day, you can still upload and send the documents from your cell phone/ computer instead of sending it through postal services which even takes forever to deliver.

Good communication is essential to successful home based business practices. Cell phones enable you to be in contact with clients across the globe. If you have a telephone meeting with someone in Europe, the time difference is not as much of an issue with cell phones. You can communicate from home on your work cell phone rather than in the office during off hours. Also, when traveling internationally, you can still maintain contact with home because you are reachable on the same number and phone. Many cell phone plans have international calling features, which may greatly cut down on the cost of a long distance phone call.