Believe it or not, some authors have made money by self-publishing their books.


Back in the day, self-publishing was lumped together with vanity publishing. They both got your name printed as the author of a book, but without the benefit of the publishing industry’s support systems. You got no editing, probably a bad cover, and a reputation for self-indulgence.


However, things are changing. More and more people are finding that self-publishing lets them get on the market without having to be tied to the publishing industry’s strings. Authors in niche genres or those who would be rejected due to not fitting a traditional mould can self-publish and make money.


One of the keys here is quantity. The more books you have, the higher the chances of you generating word of mouth. However, numbers alone won’t be enough.


Obviously, you still need a book that’s worth reading. This is critical since there is a glut of mediocre to bad books in this field. Sometimes, publishers reject manuscripts simply because they’re bad. Having a good book is important since it makes you stand out.


You also need to be easily found. “Searchability” is important, and is a crucial part of marketing the book. It won’t matter if you have Pulitzer-quality writing if its audience can’t find your book. This is a very complicated thing, and will usually be the snag that defines success and failure.


Despite all the work involved, self-publishing can be a rewarding home-based business. Once the book is out, and the marketing is done, you’re finished. The heavy lifting is done already, and the sales will roll in, especially if you have strong word of mouth.


It takes a lot of hard work and marketing, but it is possible to live off book sales. From there, your business becomes selling the book and making more.